Thanks For Your Support!

We appreciate everyone's support, we promise that what we will deliver very soon will be worth your while!! We workin hard on these joints!!! You just don't know!!!

Our Mission

The professionalism and dedication to creating beautiful and soulfully emotive music and, the rare ability to establish our own culture is what makes Rokk Mass Entertainment truly special. We are an emerging production company, with an emphasis on “originality”, thus avoiding many of the creative trappings that could create a sound culture devoid of any true artistic merit. We proudly articulate our culture and what it means to be “Rokk Mass” in every work that we compose. We have an opportunity each day to promote our culture - a culture that to us is based on integrity, professionalism, creative passion and respect for our craft and the consumer.

The second thing that’s exciting about Rokk Mass Entertainment is the quality of our leaders and employees. As a new company, we are evolving and it is rewarding to see how our leaders and employees are evolving in new roles with expanded responsibility and dedication to the cause of creativity - particularly as we become more comfortable working across the musical spectrum. We have a strong leadership team with a passionate emphasis on insuring quality from a creative aspect as well as actual service delivery. We are confident in our service as well as the employees we have who want to make a difference and are willing to help lead Rokk Mass into being more successful. This is a beautiful quality in an organization and one that we will continue to build upon.

Rokk Mass Entertainment

Rokk Mass Entertainment Co is a music production company that composes R&B, Neo Soul, Hip Hop tracks. We currently work with a local film management company that has branched into sitcoms, reality TV, and so much more!

Rokk Mass Entertainment is making available Great Original Music (or music containing chopped samples) for sale or lease!! For more information call 1-888-ROK-K508 (1-888-765-5508) or email us at